International Men’s Day


Happy International Men’s Day… Because men are awesome, and here’s why…

  • Your smartphone? Developed by MEN!
  • The apps om your smartphone? Almost certainly coded by MEN!
  • The internet? Invented by MEN!
  • The food you eat? Grown mostly by MEN using agricultural techniques developed by MEN!
  • The various modes of transportation you use? Invented by MEN!
  • Your house? Built by MEN!
  • The plumbing and electricity in your house? Yep, you guessed it, MEN!
  • The roads? Yep, MEN built them too!

I could go on and on… The greatest achievement in human history was when a bunch of very smart MEN at NASA put other MEN on the moon, using Physics equations discovered by MEN! In fact, you can thank men for just about every innovation ever. As Camille Paglia once wrote, “!If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts!”. I’m a man, and I’m proud, as all men should be. Men are awesome and we deserve more appreciation. Fuck feminism, fuck misandry, fuck SJWs!

Buzzfeed Cucks Celebrate Ugliness


Paul Joseph Watson tweeted a Buzzfeed article last night, which celebrated what “the average American woman looks like in 2016”.

The fact that the average American woman looks like those women nowadays is nothing to celebrate. Women have been getting fatter every decade since the second world war. In fact, today the average American woman weighs as much as the average American man did in 1960. As the below graph shows…


True, men on average have increased in weight by roughly the same amount as well, but it’s less noticeable on men, because (a) men are taller, (b) the percentage increase is less for men, and (c) for men, some of that extra mass is muscle.

Here in the UK, it’s just as bad. British women have the highest BMI in Europe…


Let’s face it, in the west, svelte women with hour-glass figures are a rarity nowadays, which is why I had to go to the Ukraine to find a decent girl.

Eastern vs. Western Women

Has anyone noticed that this “body positivity” nonsense only applies to women? Like we never see these people celebrating fat men. We never hear about how inspirational plus-sized male models are. We men are told we must learn to love and have sex with fat women. But noone ever says women must learn to love and have sex with fat men. It doesn’t matter how much Buzzfeed celebrates it, no man with any kind of self-respect would want to have sex with any of those women. I’m sure those women do get sex though, which is a testament to how low the standard of the female dating pool is nowadays. The vast majority of women in Britain and America nowadays are not even remotely desirable, and the small percentage that are are (a) most likely immigrants from places like Poland, and (b) are basically spoiled princesses because they have so many good men after them.

But of course, if a man is desperate and horny enough and absolutely has to blow his load into something, he’ll lower his standards and have sex with a “land whale”. Which is why women, no matter how low standard they are on average, will always get sex easily. But when it comes to picking a girlfriend or a wife. When it comes to picking that one special someone to exclusively have sex with for the rest of your life. And make and raise children with. And spend your hard earned money on. It’s a different story. Men look at most women nowadays and just don’t feel they’re worth it anymore. More and more are just giving up.


I believe this is one of the reasons why marriage and fertility rates are way lower today than they were decades ago. Before I met Tanya, I Skyped a couple of times with a Russian girl named Olga. I told her why I had given up on western women. She had just got back from a trip to Germany and she agreed with my observations. She also theorized this is perhaps one reason why homosexuality is more common in the west nowadays. The sad irony of all of this is that it’s the women who end up unhappiest because of this in the long run. Men can cope without women. We may not like to, but as long as we’ve got the internet for entertainment, a duvet to cuddle at night and ready meals to easily make ourselves dinner, we can manage. Women on the other hand tend to go crazy if they’re in their thirties and still single and have no kids.

This is why feminism and “body positivity” needs to be vehemently opposed. It is literally ruining civilization. Bring back patriarchy. Make western women great again!


IM-SO.SEXY – Sticky Post


Hi, I’m Scott, AKA “Scootle”, and welcome to my website. I am a 27 year old web developer from the UK. I registered this domain name not long after “.sexy” TLDs were introduced because I saw it was available and thought it would be funny to have an “” email address. Now I’ve decided to do something with it. The purpose of this site will be to blog about controversial topics I find interesting. Ever since the summer of 2007 when I watched a South Park episode about 9/11 truth and decided to research it for myself, I have become increasingly “red-pilled” over the years. I started out making videos about various conspiracy topics on my YouTube channel, while contributing to the Debunking the Debunkers blog, and later my own blogspot blog, Skeptic Denialism. Since finally escaping unemployment and getting a full time job in 2014 though, I haven’t really done much. So now I want to start again.

Over the last ten years, my opinions have evolved greatly, and I now consider myself mostly aligned with the “alt-right” and a supporter of people like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump. Immigration is a topic I have taken a great interest in recently, as I am currently in a long distance relationship with beautiful Ukrainian Christian girl named Tanya, who I can’t wait to marry and import into the UK on a spouse visa. I tried getting her over for a few months as a tourist recently but she was refused a visa because the officer was suspicious that she wouldn’t return to the Ukraine at the end, even though neither of us had any intention of breaking the rules. So now I have to wait until we are married before I can bring her over, but because of rules put in place in 2012 by Theresa May, I cannot even do that until I am earning over £18,600 a year. What infuriates me is how irrational, unfair and culturally self-destructive my country’s immigration policies are. We have a total open door to the EU, we let illegals make BS asylum claims when they are caught and to top it off, my government now wants to let in loads of so-called “refugees” from the middle-east. Meanwhile, decent, non-EU people who want to come here via the proper, legal route have to go through hell because the government keeps making it harder for them to do so to compensate for all the other insanity. And what’s even more infuriating is that the mainstream media and those on the left would label me “anti-immigrant” for taking issue with this, which is ridiculous!

Another topic I have taken an interest in recently is feminism and its destructive influence on society. We now live in a world where marriage rates are way too low, divorce rates are way too high, fertility rates are way too low, abortion rates are way too high and western women are more unhappy than they’ve ever been. And I wholeheartedly blame feminism, the sexual revolution, “body positivity” and unrestrained female hypergamy for all of these things. Feminists claim the west is a patriarchy. It’s not. But I would argue that, to some extent, it should be!

So these are the sort of radical, politically incorrect opinions you can expect to read on this blog. If you’re a modern day left-wing, progressive “liberal”, a social justice warrior, a “skeptic”, a fan of pop-science, or simply a typical western millennial (especially if female), then prepare to be triggered by some harsh reality!